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Meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions, or Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events (MICE) is a type of tourism in which large groups, usually planned well in advance, are brought together for a particular purpose.

MICE tourism is a perfect way of combining business with pleasure. MICE tourism presents unique opportunities for business development, be it an informal conversation with old partners and meetings with prospective investors, customers and suppliers, information exchange or introduction to new technologies. The Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE) industry is extensively and rapidly growing and is largely associated with travel for business purpose. The MICE industry – a service industry combining trade, transportation, finance, and travel—has been active in Europe and America for over a century. In this paper an attempt has been made to discuss the MICE tourism and also its future and prospects in India.


Corporate meetings are an indispensable part of the business world. Whatever be the business type corporate meetings are a platform to discuss business ventures, progress and sales and brainstorm about new ideas. There was a time when corporate meetings were confined within the walls of the board room or conference room. But now corporate meetings have taken a new turn. Ideally these meetings should be productive and ponder new strategies, but practically none of this happens. Corporate meetings if not planned and managed well can be very monotonous and you surely don’t want that. We understand that each client varies from the other and so do they requirements.

Corporate meetings are meant to focus on company strategies, goals and visions. It is essential that the planning is in place and the implementation done is impeccable. From resource management to equipments, hospitality to technical support, our team would help you in all of these and beyond. You can bank upon our experience and technical knowledge and rest assured you’ll get the best of the best services.

Incentive Tours

Incentive tourism is a way to reward, inspire and motivate the work staff of organizations so as to nurture strong bond and to reap enhanced work efficiency. Incentive travels or incentive event is a great way to inspire your employees and boost their morale. In the corporate cut-throat competition, stress and deadlines are a part and parcel of business. But once a while it is essential to break free from the mundane routine and take a break & reward your team with a well-deserved travel experience. It is believed that successful incentive travels are directly proportional to increased sales and profit. It is never meant for any kind of professional or educational development. This kind of tourism further develops the sense of belongingness among the employees. The past decade has seen a remarkable increase in MICE tourism.

Whether you are from hospitality industry or ecommerce industry, incentive travels have become the latest trend in the industry, we at Hills N Beaches have a devoted team for handling all kind of incentive travel services.

We try to provide you about the finest business hotels in India wherein you can invest your time, money and energy in the best way possible. These tour packages are cost-effective and enable its customers to enjoy the cities in the most intriguing fashion. The hotels specified are equipped with the most sophisticated meeting and conference rooms with high-end audio visual systems and elegant interiors. These incentive tour packages can also customize their itineraries as per your taste, budget and time duration.

We arrange everything be it a short trip for your employees or a longer one. Moreover, exemplary travel support and customer friendly refund processes are few other factors that aim towards enhancing your travel plans.

This kind of corporate travel is best when there is a requirement of mobilizing the relationships between the employees working at different levels and following a particular hierarchy. It should be aimed that such incentive tours leave a lasting impression on the tour members. If there is a magic spelled by the hotels, cuisine and parties of these incentive tours; then the staff members have numerous stories to narrate to their colleagues. In return, those colleagues will be motivated to deliver better so that they can make for such MICE tours, the next time.


You need to present results, new directions and goals of your business, we assure the success of Convention.The complete planning of successful convention by you, we in Hills N Beaches can implement your plans to make it become reality. We will offer you a space that we will equip with technical means audio, lighting and video so your audience can follow your actions in the best conditions. You can be assured of the most professional service and delivery of the highest calibre. We will take the stress and pressure out of Convention organization. From the accommodation of your delegates through to the Audio Visual requirements, we will produce a convention to stand out above all others. Hills N Beaches offer you a completely flexible Convention management service ensures that you get the best and most cost effective package. The choice of venue is key to the overall impression of your convention, we will provide advices on the ideal location. We will take the hard work out of your search whether you need a last minute local meeting room, facilities for a large scale conference etc.